A Gwich'in Atlas! A contest for images of Gwich'in artwork to put into the atlas! See details here. Form to submit with images of artwork here.

The Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board has been working on an atlas of the settlement region for a while now. With the recent help of Christina Martin, things are coming along quite well; especially with her great ideas like including more Gwich'in Art.

Status of the current plan review process: The review is still in the final stages, as discussions about the scope of the land use plan are ongoing. The timeline for a final draft for approval is a little uncertain but things are moving forward so the Board hopes to have more updates on this very soon.

Getting prepared for the next comprehensive review of the land use plan: Vince Deschamps is still working with the Board on some great approaches for the next plan review. Once the current revised Land Use Plan is submitted for signatory approval, expect to see lots of information posted!



Updated on May 8, 2023